Heroes and Heroines

What My Great Grandmother Taught Me About Living Dangerously

Antique portrait of a woman

My Great Grandmother Alice was one brave woman who can teach us a thing or two about facing our problems. Her husband Walter was a good man, but with one vice: he liked his drink too much for her liking. Here’s the ingenious way she dealt with it. More…

This 7th-Century Saint Can Help You Discover Your Gifts

St Hilda of Whitby by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P.

Saint Hilda was a woman ahead of her time. A profound teacher, patron of the arts and spiritual guide to both peasant and king, the story I love most about her is her interaction with a farmhand named Caedmon. As Hilda helps Caedmon test his unexpected calling, we too can learn how to discover our God-given dreams and gifts. More…