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  • Replay: 018 Infertility and Grief: Does the Pain Ever Go Away? [Podcast/Video] #spirituality
    about 19 hours ago
  • @Calebgroeneweg @richardlittleda Yes, very glad about that.
    about 22 hours ago
  • @joannamuses I know.
    about 22 hours ago
  • MT @Tim_Hein: The contradiction at the heart of society is the condemnation of injustice alongside the continuous denial of moral absolutes
    about 23 hours ago
  • @richardlittleda @Calebgroeneweg The common themes in those stories listed is what concerns me most - from different people & churches
    about 23 hours ago
  • 2/2 @richardlittleda @Calebgroeneweg But it seems people have found no other choice as they have been ignored by MH leadership for years
    about 23 hours ago
  • 1/2 @richardlittleda @Calebgroeneweg Yeah, I'm against muck-raking & their are MD/MC sites that are purely that. Some love to hate Driscoll
    about 23 hours ago
  • The repeated themes coming up in ex-Mars Hill Church member stories is very troubling
    1 day ago
  • RT @FightTheNewDrug: We are living in a "Pornified" culture where porn is available in one click, women are defined by body parts, and sex …
    1 day ago
  • RT @MelTankardReist: Oz couple dump Down syndrome baby with poor Thai mother. Global #surrogacy industry exploits women like this MTR http:…
    1 day ago

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