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  • Grand Rapids folks, book in for the premier screening of our new film A Journey Through Broken Dreams @rbcministries
    about 2 hours ago
  • I know streaming films is convenient, but sometime I do miss the experience of visiting a DVD store to rent something
    about 7 hours ago
  • @Rachel_On_Twit @Tanya_Marlow Just so important, Rachel. We all need that safe place to be completely open on what we're feeling, inc doubt
    about 10 hours ago
  • @MichelleWoodco1 I hope it helps, Michelle. Let me know
    about 10 hours ago
  • RT @FaithTheology: For he went into hell. And when he was there he raised up the great root out of the deep deepness, which was knit to him…
    about 10 hours ago
  • @AwakenRob @ETBU @awakenmovement Go Rob!
    about 11 hours ago
  • RT @minstriesbydsgn: “A greater tragedy than a broken dream is a life forever defined by one.” – @sheridanvoysey’s God
    about 22 hours ago
  • @allysimone Thanks very much Annalieza. Nice to be contact and see what you're up to also!
    1 day ago
  • US friends: I have a couple of days spare while in Denver and Colorado Springs this month. Anywhere as should particularly visit?
    1 day ago
  • Replay: A Basket Full of Stars: How to Communicate with Colour and Creativity #spirituality
    1 day ago

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  • Open House Volume 3 3D Cover540       
  • Open House Volume 2 3D Cover540       
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