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This week’s interesting links and articles:

A Story of Redemption: My Secret Love for Garbage (Tara Woodard-Lehman, “When visitors ask of the mosaic ‘What is that all about?’ I begin to share The Old Story. The Story that tells of a God who isn’t afraid to get dirty and grubby; a God who longs to enter into our cracks and mess and heal us and all of creation.”

The Spirituality of Tattoos (Jacob Myers, “Tattoos often signify one’s relationships, one’s movement beyond her daily existence to another plane of reality, and a new awareness of a person’s being-in-the-world. Tattooing presents the bearer with experiences that are rarely matched in the Western world.”

A Dying Church (Mark Yaconelli, “If this church would only stop its anxious obsession with what’s missing and instead give thanks to God for what it has, its children might find a way to live with grace and passion, even amidst a culture that brands all of us as lacking”

Why Do Christians Need to Make It All Better? (Stephanie Smith, “But what would happen if we let the pain sit for a while? What would we learn if we paused to listen to the pain instead of working to fix it?”

Is Food the New Sex? (Mary Eberstadt, “Unable or unwilling to impose rules on sex at a time when it is easier to pursue it than ever before, modern man (and woman) has taken longstanding morality about sex and substituted it onto food. The all-you-can-eat buffet is now stigmatized; the sexual smorgasbord is not.”

And in case you missed it:

A Conversation on the Meaning of Life (Sheridan “In this podcast, UCB UK’s Paul Hammond asks me for some answers to life’s meaning.”

What do you Worship? (Sheridan Voysey, “Whether it’s a supernatural being . . . science, money, wisdom, information, ritual, power or love,” says social commentator Hugh Mackay, “most of us assign the status of god to something in our lives.”


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