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  • RT @Tanya_Marlow: “I’ve learnt that while God is sometimes silent, He is never absent.” –NEW: @sheridanvoysey’s God & Suffering story: htt…
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  • RT @Tanya_Marlow: Really excited to have @sheridanvoysey (of Radio 2 fame) telling his God and Suffering story today - on broken dreams htt…
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  • The arms are waiting outstretched, with scars on each wrist. All that’s waiting now is our return >> #spirituality
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  • Wish I could blog like @Tanya_Marlow: full of depth & pathos. Priveleged to be featured today talking new beginnings
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  • @pennycarey63 @Tanya_Marlow I'm so sorry to hear you've walked a similar path, Penny. Do know you're not alone & let us know if we can help
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  • I got a lot out of Pete Enns' biblical commentary on Exodus. Sounds like his new book isn't quite so strong
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  • Rich life & love lie just beyond our reach. How do we grasp them? My @BBCRadio2 spot on finding Something More
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Our Little Submissions

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Cameron Semmens is an Australian poet and performance artist. His work is both reflective and whimsical; his live gigs are both poignant and hilarious. I always enjoyed having him on Open House. His performance at our 2009 Christmas show in Melbourne had the crowd in stitches.

Cameron has just released a new book with a quirky edge. Called The Zoo in You: Faith Lessons on the Wildness Within, the book combines Cameron’s poems about animals (of all things) with some lovely illustration by Melbourne artist Hamish McWilliam and reflections from ‘leading Christian voices’ like Tim Costello, Brian McLaren, Roma Waterman, Naomi Reed, Michael Frost, Mark Sayers, Matt Jacoby (from Sons of Korah), Jarrod McKenna, and yours truly. The result is delightful.

Cameron approached each of us with a specific theme in mind. He asked me to write on submission. As it turned out, the topic was timely for me. He chose to base the chapter’s accompanying poem on a donkey. In a moment you’ll find out why.

Cameron has allowed me to post the Submission chapter in full.


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