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Resurrection Year 3D (Main)

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Open House Volume 3 3D Cover540
Price: AU$14.95

Open House Volume 3

Learn more by visiting the Open House Volume 3 book page!

Journey’s taken, lessons learnt, trials, joys, questions and discoveries. In this third volume of conversations drawn from Sheridan Voysey’s national Open House radio program, we read the stories of some of his most thought-provoking guests.

From internationally-renown authors to Playschool hosts and TV preachers, from music stars and film producers to actors, activists and former Mob members, the tales told on Open House Volume 3 will at times break your heart and prick your conscience, but will always move and inspire.


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From Open House Volume 3

I think staying there in the suffering is the greatest test of love. It’s so easy to be with someone you love when things are smooth. But when things really go wrong there are moments when you feel you can’t bear it and want to run away.
Caroline Jones

I had always wanted to be a successful writer, I achieved that and life just went on as normal… I began to take a second look at life and ask myself what was meaningful and discovered that becoming a best-selling author isn’t necessarily a meaningful story.
Donald Miller

He looked up at me and he said, ‘Dad, thank you for a wonderful life. But please, please write the book.’ And then he died in my arms.
Bryce Courtenay


Trade Details

Format: Paperback. 256 pages
Publication Date: November 2010
Publisher: Strand Publishing
Country of origin: Australia
ISBN: 9781921202261


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