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In a confusing world, where can I find guidance?

My wife once told me about a single colleague of hers who, feeling lonely one Saturday, walked down the road to consult the local fortune teller. This woman was looking for guidance. ‘Where is my life heading? What does the future hold? Will I always be lonely?’ she wondered. She isn’t alone in seeking answers about the future and how she should live.

In this 6-part video series I’m exploring social trends that suggest spiritual questions are bubbling up from the souls of secular countries like the UK, US and Australia. In this 6 minute video, Part 3, I look at the popularity of life coaching, Mind-Body-Spirit festivals and the Dalai Lama as ways our ‘secular’ societies are searching for spiritual guidance.

Catch up with the rest of the series:

  1. Introduction: Anxious Questions
  2. Question 1: In a materialistic world, where can I find meaning?
  3. Question 2: In a confusing world, where can I find guidance?
  4. Question 3: In a broken world, where can I find liberation?
  5. Question 4: In a lonely world, where can I find love?
  6. A Story

You can watch more videos of mine here, or subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Question: How else do you see us searching for guidance? Tell me now 

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