Announcing Our New Film on Dealing with Broken Dreams

Update: A Journey Through Broken Dreams is now available to watch here!


This was never what Merryn and I expected to happen. I wrote a book about broken dreams. People started reading it. Emails came in from readers. The book got shortlisted for an award. And now they’re making a documentary about it.

I assure you this was never in our plans.

We have just finished an amazing, exhausting, intense and unforgettable four days of filming a television feature called The Journey Through Broken Dreams. Produced for the Day of Discovery TV programme, the documentary will tell our story of infertility, feature some luscious cinematography of Oxford, while hopefully bringing healing to many.

The show will air in the US and Europe this October with other countries to be announced. It will also be available online and on DVD. I’ll share video clips as they become available (make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!).

For the time being, here’s a little of what happened behind the scenes.

The wonderful Day of Discovery team fly in to Oxford from the US: assistant producer Julie, videographer Leah, executive producer Tim, and director Tyler. These guys brought a level of expertise, faith and personal commitment to the project like no other.

First up is the cafe scene at Cafe Loco. Julie gives Merryn (and later, me) a makeover.

Merryn and I look reflective while the cameras roll.

Later we do some individual interviews where our ‘decade in the wilderness’ story comes out. Me in my study…

… and Merryn in the lounge room. Producer Tim wanted us interviewed separately so our individual experiences could be heard. Apparently Merryn was brilliant.

Only at the end did Tim bring us together to talk. Trust me, we were more happy about it than this picture suggests.

Expect some gorgeous shots of Oxford throughout the documentary. This picture of CS Lewis’s old haunt Magdalen College is nothing compared to the dreamy video they captured.

The team brought stacks of equipment with them, including this nifty Movi gyroscopic steadicam. Strap in the camera and you can maneuver it by remote control. Tyler tried something different with it…

… strapping it to a tandem bike so he could get some interesting angles on Merryn and me riding our bicycles.

The only problem was… the batteries died.

But we still got some shots, and then Julie and Leah took the tandem for a spin. Their squeals and laughter won’t be quickly forgotten!

Leah sizes up a shot in St Mary’s Church. Wait to you see the swooping-down-from-the-balcony shot they got while Merryn and I walk in.

Producer Tim reviews scripts while the team set up a scene in Oxford Union’s historic Goodman Library.

A little more makeup…

… before a touching scene of Merryn remembering her wrestle with God during our ordeal.

Leah let me play with her expensive zoom lens while they were recording Merryn. I took this shot…

… and this shot…

… before Merryn caught on to what I was doing.

Tristan, one of three cuties you’ll meet in the documentary, practices his bubble-blowing skills for the camera while Dan, our ‘surrogate husband’ (it’s a long story) looks on.

Capturing a writing-deep-thoughts-in-my-journal moment with a little artificial sunlight. What am I writing? A couple of lines from Resurrection Year: ‘I don’t understand it all. But I’m still hold out that God is doing something good through all of this.’

The Journey Through Broken Dreams reenacts a ‘day’ in Merryn’s and my life, culminating in an evening dinner scene.

Placing cutlery has never seemed that fascinating before…

… and welcoming guests has never taken so long. We needed a few takes as Merryn and Liz kept laughing when opening the door.

But welcoming good friends Liz, Adam, Hannah and little Ellie in to enjoy crusted roast beef with Mediterranean roast vegetables and roast garlic new potatoes, with a chocolate tart and creme fraiche ice cream for dessert was nice. We all forgot we were being filmed and just ate and talked.

There is so much more to say, but it will be better left shown. Our prayer, with the Day of Discovery team, is that The Journey Through Broken Dreams will help many many people start again.

We’d value your prayers.

More on the Film

Title: The Journey Through Broken Dreams

Producers: Day of Discovery

Airing: October 2014 (date TBA)

Where: These stations in America and Canada, online, more countries to follow

DVD: Available here

More: Be sure to subscribe to this blog to get the film when it’s ready!

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  • Matt McChlery

    Fantastic. God surely uses all things for the good of those who love him. The book was fantastic, I’m sure the documentary will be to!

  • Ian

    God is good isn’t he, Sheridan. Amazing. And what fun for you both, exhausting I imagine, but fun. May the Lord be glorified through the airing of the doco and hope it gets down under at some point.

    • Indeed age is, Ian. We can’t always get what He’s up to but He is good.

  • Tola F

    You guys are amazing and I am really praying for you. I love the picture you took of Merryn.

  • Angie

    I love the whole documentary idea…yes it will help many many more! I have a broken dream too …your book resonated with many of my own issues!

    • Let’s try and get it airing in Sri Lanka too :). Thanks Angie

      • Angie

        Yes ! that sounds exciting…both of you seem to be having fun and the Team too!

        • Angie

          Here’s a contact of a local TV Station managed by Christians!

          You may speak to Christopher Prins!

          Let’s hope it will air same time as US and Europe, making it a reality in my part of the world!

  • Congrats Sheridan. This looks extremely exciting and I know it will help many through their broken places.

  • Jenny Pilottos

    This will help so many people Sheridan, as your book did for me.If you need any music to accompany the credits I’d thoroughly recommend something from one of Matthew West’s albums maybe from This is the Story of Your life.Thank you both for allowing God to use such painful and personal circumstances to re route the broken dreams that torment us all towards the kindness of His love

  • Andrew Rogers

    I’m so thrilled to read this, Sheridan. Praise God!

    • All you RBC folks are so nice, Andy. Your colleagues were a delight to work with.

  • Laura Jayne Friedlander

    This sounds wonderful Sheridan, I really hope that it comes to the UK and I can get to see it. Keeping you and Merryn in my thoughts and prayers.

    • We’re working in it, Laura. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

  • Awesome news Sheridan! The message of your story is certainly striking a chord. May the blessing be multiplied and be some reward for a difficult season lived well!

  • Edmund

    Well done, it looks fabulous!

    • But if my double chin shows in it, the contract is off :). Thanks Edmund.

  • Serenity

    Nice to have you back Sheridan and so excited about this next chapter in the story – may it bring healing and strength to those who see it…ps and if you get some aus broadcast dates, be sure to share

    • I definitely will share the broadcast dates. Thanks for your encouragement, Serenity.