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Spotting the Authentic God

As any psychologist can tell you, our understanding of God is vitally important. Many are held captive by an imaginary deity shaped by the fear and pain of their past. These humanly-inspired gods will always break our hearts, either failing to meet our expectations or forever holding us in torment. So, who is God? What is God like? How can we spot the authentic from the counterfeit? Episode 6 in the Unseen Footprints article and podcast series. More…

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God, Altruism and Natural Disasters

Why risk one’s life for a stranger? Why show kindness to another? What motivates human compassion, sacrifice and love? Richard Dawkins suggest ‘selfishness’. I suggest ‘God’. Queensland’s catastophic floods in January 2011 revealed the best in humanity and showed us something of the divine. As rescuers, neighbours and even victims engaged in costly acts of altruism they reflected the One in whose image they are made. More…

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