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Open House Volume 3 Free Chapter: Nick Vujicic

Imagine entering life without arms or legs? In 1982 Nick Vujicic was born with the rare Tetra-amelia disorder, a condition which still baffles doctors today. Yet, with one small foot and a lot of faith, Nick is living a most extraordinary life. This is a free chapter of Open House Volume 3. More…

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Open House Volume 2 Free Chapter: Nancy Heche

Imagine you’re a mother of five with twenty-five years of marriage under your belt when your husband is diagnosed with AIDS – the shocking result of his homosexual secret. In this free chapter from Open House Volume 2, Nancy Heche (mother of actress Anne Heche) shares her journey from betrayal to forgiveness. More…

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Open House Volume 1 Free Chapter: Max Lucado

In this free chapter from Open House Volume 1, best-selling author Max Lucado shares about his life, faith, the people who have most influenced him, and how you can find your ‘sweet spot’ to live a focussed, meaningful life.

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A Basket Full of Stars: How to Communicate with Colour and Creativity

What does it take to become a colourful, creative communicator in your writing and public speaking? How do you craft a message that sparkles in the mind of your audience? In this 44 minute audio seminar I cover the 4 phases of creativity and the 6 creative elements that will help your writing and speaking shine.

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Holding onto God through the Dark Night of Doubt [Podcast]

If you’re a person of faith who has experienced a season of doubt you’ll know it can be a harrowing experience. Like your world is suddenly unstable. But can doubt ever be a good thing? In this talk I tell the stories of two men: one a Middle-Eastern God-follower in 1000BC, the other a 21 year old Bible College student of modern times. Both come to a profound experience of God through their doubt. More…

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Four Questions on the Nation’s Soul [Podcast]

Recorded at the Mural Hall of Australia’s Parliament House for the Christian Schools Australia National Policy Conference, this was my most enjoyable keynote presentation for 2009. In it I examine social trends like Mind-Body-Spirit festivals, life coaching, voluntourism, ‘secular confessionals’ and more to discern four spiritual questions asked by today’s Australians. More…

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The Heavenly Visitor in a Thousand Dreams

Does Jesus ever appear in our dreams? Missionary Ben Staggs describes a unique experience he had when visiting the Boshu people, in Ethiopia’s Me’en territory. “We sat down and spoke a bit,” Ben says, “explaining that we had come to tell them of ‘God’s talk’. I described who God is, what He is like, and where He lives.” But Golon Kabule hardly needed informing.

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Long-Term Love: When Desire Meets Devotion

A little while back, Fairfax newspapers’ Good Weekend magazine asked this question: ‘Could infidelity save your marriage?’ The shock headline pointed to an excerpt from a new book by a controversial marriage therapist who suggests that a third person—either real or imagined—could re-boost flagging desire in a relationship. More…

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Haiti: They Have What We Need

With 70 percent unemployment and 80 percent of its people living in poverty, Haiti merits its label as the most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere. Electricity is irregular, as is the water supply. The landscape is baron as 97 percent of the trees have gone. One in 14 Haitian children never reach their first birthday; another 1 in 5 won’t reach the age of 4. But amidst the destruction and destitution, Haiti has riches that we in the developed world know little of. More…

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Navigating Your Way Through Guilt

When I was a youth worker, I discovered a great game. You ask a kid to stand up and spin around seven times. Once they stop, and as they try to regain their balance, you say ‘Now, point to the north pole.’ You find hands pointing in every direction! I find that game somewhat analogous of life. The sheer pace of living can leave us feeling pretty spun out and clambering to find our bearings. The experience of guilt is a good example.

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